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Pedigreed Katahdin Hair Sheep Raised by Ethical Breeders You Can Trust

If you're looking for registered, finely bred sheep for sale, BahRamEwe Farms is your best source for naturally raised Katahdin sheep in Laurel, Mississippi. This is because we work hard to cultivate a flock with only prime genetics. In fact, we encourage farm visits so you can see for yourself how we tend to our sheep and how we maintain the top quality of livestock you would receive when you purchase from our flock.


Bred to Perfection

Here at the farm, we strive to raise quality lambs with the finest pedigree through careful management and ethical husbandry practices. As a result, we continually raise parasite-resistant sheep with lean, muscular builds and strong, shiny coats. We currently have a small flock of 40 ewes, which enable us to focus more on properly raising and cultivating this type of livestock. In addition, we now have two rams to accommodate the customers' need for a variety of bloodlines. Our rams came from both the Shackaloa Creek Ranch and the Country Oak Ranch, and carry bloodlines from the following rams:

The Old Man - Loaded Wagon - Chief - Sampson

Quality, Personable Service

We want to sell you sheep that is of the quality we would want to keep on our own farm. For that reason, we provide you with all the necessary information when it comes to market opportunities, breeding, and medicine. Whether you want one ewe or a flock of five, our commercial and registered sheep are available for sale at your convenience. When you buy more lambs, we work with you to negotiate a lower price for better deals. Note that the 2013 lamb crop is now available and ready for sale.